International Standard Name Identifier

ISNI 0000 0005 0633 3102

Hello! I'm Nikita, the artist.

"Shaken, not stirred" - it's great for martini, and the other way around for oil painting.

Stirring the colors helps the artist achieve the desired color tone.

Hand without shaking helps the artist to hold the brush.

I was born and grew up in an intelligent creative family, and I regularly change the place of residence and lifestyle.

Having received an engineering education, I created an atmosphere of comfort and mutual understanding between people and computers.

Also, I have a rich experience in various fields of activity: I created interior design in the style of eco-minimalism; I taught schoolchildren 3 design and engineering.

Now I'm engaged in object design and painting. Having not found a suitable canvas for sale, I decided to make his own canvas like renaissance artists.

I have a private exhibition next to the workshop.

In the era of the pandemic, an online display of the exhibition is available for collectors upon request through the contact on the site.